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Clearwater Utilities provides industry-leading underground utilities construction and site work—with a specialization in project consulting; site preparation; and water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer utility systems—proudly serving Southeast Texas since 1996 with unparalleled professionalism.

Clearwater Utilities' team of construction and engineering experts delivers integrated, comprehensive services for industrial, commercial, municipal, and residential operations. From pre-job cost-reduction consultation to immaculate post-jobsite cleanup, our in-house capabilities combine the best of the Clear family to help you achieve outstanding operational success every step of the way. Explore our services below.

Our Services
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Site Preparation

Prior to installing pipe, we can complete any necessary site preparation with customary Clearwater excellence and speed of service.
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Underground Utilities

Our operational performance for, water, sanitary sewer, and storm sewer systems surpasses client expectations for a superior project experience.
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One Phone Call

Connects your project with comprehensive services.
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THE CLEAR ADVANTAGE For Underground Utility Construction Services

Drawing from decades of experience, our experts combine years of management across operations, safety, personnel, procurement, accounting, and logistics to deliver industry-leading underground utility construction services in Houston and across southeast Texas. We partner with our sister companies, Clear Energy, ClearPave, and C4 Partners to provide best-in-class service and expertise for our clients.

We solve infrastructure headaches

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Since 1996, Clear has built a reputation for excellence and speed in residential and commercial infrastructure construction. We make it our job to fully understand the needs of your project so that we can solve issues before they become headaches.